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“Rain, poor visibility and exceptional wind made our run incredibly tough. A safety first approach and careful route selection allowed us to complete our mission successfully with minimal risk.

~ Tersia vR, 13 Peaks 48-hour Challenge

"The training program, nutrition advice and detailed logistical planning set us up for success. It was TOUGH, and it was absolutely Epic!”

~ Alex J, 13 Peaks 48-hour Challenge

"Bill's passion for adventure sports shines through. This drives him to go the extra mile to assist runners to finish"

~ Adriaan B, 13 Peaks 48-hour Challenge 


“I feel deeply grounded having completed this challenge. It wasn’t easy for me and I wasn’t sure I could do it. I guess I learned: there’s more to me than I realised. Thank you Nyati-X!"

~ Ann G, 13 Peaks Multi-day adventure run

"Awesome balance between safety consciousness and respect of the natural environment while keeping the missions super fun. Loved it!”

~ Susan V, 13 Peaks Multi-day adventure run

“At times it felt like doing squats barefoot on broken glass. It was not easy… and I loved every second of it"

~ John D, 13 Peaks Nonstop Challenge

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