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106km || 13 Peaks || 6800m vert

Nyati-X came about as a result of encouraging a small group of runners to step out of their comfort zones and take on a challenge such as the 13 Peaks. It was incredible watching the individual growth and the positive team dynamics as they completed the route over multiple days and with a few team members going on the complete the 13 Peaks 48-hour challenge a few weeks later.

Now we offer full guiding of this iconic route, created by Ryan Sandes, either as a hike or as a trail run in a variety of formats - pick yours! This is safe group trail adventuring at it's best.

Your options include a guide-only version over 8 bite-sized segments on non-consecutive days, 4 days over 2 weekends, or 4 consecutive days. Our more challenging 48hour or non-stop option is for fit trail runners only. For adventurers visiting from out of town, we offer a fully supported package that includes accommodation, meals and transport to and from daily start and end points.

With fully certified and first aid trained guides, and our experienced ground crew, we can't wait to support your next big challenge!

13 peaks challenge

"What a way to start a New Year – with a full heart and a body a little battered, ready to roll into new beginnings and new adventures"

Juliana Ambrosi, 13 PEAKS, 4 DAY CHALLENGE



Table Mountain is an imposing flat-topped mountain that overlooks the vibrant City of Cape Town with clear 360° vista taking in Table Bay, Robben Island, Atlantic Ocean, Hottentots Hollandand False Bay.


Voted as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, it is a well know landmark that attracts tourists from all around the globe, with incredibly rich biodiversity with 2400 plant species of which 1500 are endemic.


The Mountain forms part of the Cape Fold mountain range that forms the spine of the Cape Peninsular, with Table Mountain at the most northern tip and Cape Point 50km's away to the south

Trail and conditions

The Cape Fold range consists of a series of Peaks, marked with Survey Beaconsand is covered with incredible paths for hiking and trail running. The trails range from runnable to rocky, with quite a few tricky technical ascents and descents.


When broken down into its individual components, the route is not exceptionally difficult. Throw in time constraints, darkness, weather, tired legs and heads and it becomes a true Mission, one worthy of accomplishing!

Leave No Trace and safety principles


Nyati-X follows the Leave No Trace principles (LNT) and this extends to all those who join us on our adventures. We do this because it


  • Protects the environment for you and future generations 

  • Improves your experience - An unspoiled area allows for a richer and improved experience for everyone. 

  • Following the laws and rules ensures the sustainability of the resources


Q: I'm coming in from out of town - can you assist with logistics?

Absolutely! We can help with everything from airport transfers, accommodation, food and transport whilst on the adventure. Just ask ;p


Q: What is the full breakdown of the route (segments, peaks, time duration and distance)?

Depending on the duration you have selected, these segments will be aggregated. to provide a detailed view below is the typical breakdown for the 8 segment "bite-sized" option.

Segment1 ~ Signal/Lions ~3hrs ~10km

Segment2 ~Maclears/Grootkop/Judas ~6-7hrs ~16km

Segment3 ~LittleLions/Suther ~4-5hrs ~13km

Segment4 ~Chappies/Noordhoek ~4-5hrs ~15km

Segment5 ~Muizenberg ~2-3hrs ~10km

Segment6 ~Constantia ~5-6hrs ~16km

Segment7 ~Klassenkop ~4hrs ~11km

Segment8 ~Devils/Signal ~4-5hrs ~16km


Q: Can I see the route map and profile?

Absolutely - check out the official 13 Peaks website (

Q: Will I finish, what if I can't keep up?

Unless you twist an ankle, you can finish!  This is not a race, it's an adventure... Both the running and hiking groups move as fast as the slowest person. While this is a "challenge" - it's supposed to be fun. Having said that, there are "get off points" at the fuel stops where you can stop if you really would prefer not to continue. And in the spirit of frankness, if you really have over-estimated your fitness, we may have to ask you to step off. We have training programmes and can help you prepare for your adventure to make sure you are fit enough.


Q: Do I have to run all the way, what about pace?

No! Pace is set by the lead guide who manages it comfortably for the group. Even a "running group" will generally hike many of the the 'ups' and run the beautiful flats and downs. A running group will aim to move at approximately 3.5km/ph - on average a fast walking pace over the entire course. 


Q: What equipment do I need?

You'll need trail shoes, a headlamp, hydration pack (with snacks and water), a space blanket and crepe bandage, plus a waterproof layer and emergency poncho incase the weather turns wet. We will send you a full packing list with your Briefing Doc closer to the Adventure.


Q: What about food and hydration during the adventure? 

If you have selected the guide-only option, then you are advised to bring sufficient water and snacks for the duration of each leg. We will advise on this depending on the option who have selected. For fully supported adventurers, we will provide all the food, snacks and beverages that you will need.

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