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Chase the Dawn is a truly unique overnight trail adventure across Table Mountain National Park. With a trail running or a hiking option, there is something for everyone brave enough to tackle this bucket list experience under the stars and high above a sleeping Cape Town.

Join either the fully guided 45km ultra trail run, or choose between an ultra distance 45km or more chilled 30km night hike. All routes are lead by our awesome certified guides and each group is kept together at a pace that works for everyone. 


Venture out across the mountains, up and over the top to wind your way down to a warm breakfast bun on Cosy Bay Beach at sunrise.



~ fully guided ultra 45km trail run (two speed groups) or

~ fully guided ultra distance 45km or 30km hike (walking groups)


Entries close 1 week before each Chase the Dawn event. Deposit and split payments are welcome - see booking page


** This is the only fully guided overnight trail adventure sanctioned by SANParks operating in Table Mountain National Park 

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45km Ultra run OR 45km Hike

Pricing ~ R1,450pp includes:

  • Permits

  • Experienced Guides (2 per group) with satellite-enabled tracking  

  • Medics on standby

  • Ground support crew

  • 2 rehydration / fuel stops  

  • Dinner at midnight support point 

  • Breakfast bun at finish

30km night Hike

Pricing ~R1,300pp includes:

  • Permits

  • Experienced Guides (2 per group) with satellite-enabled tracking  

  • Medics on standby

  • Ground support crew

  • 2 rehydration / fuel stops  

  • Breakfast bun at finish

What to pack (minimum packing list)

  • 1 x Backpack (Min 5litre with capacity for 2.5 litres of water plus personal snacks/nutrition.

  • 1 x Emergency whistle

  • 1 x Space blanket

  • 1 x Plastic emergency poncho

  • 1 x Headlamp with spare batteries 

  • Appropriate clothing

    • Windproof layer

    • Waterproof layer

    • Gloves

    • Beanie/Buffs

    • Trail running shoes or Hiking boots (Walk only)

    • Personal medication with instructions (if relevant)


A fully comprehensive list will be provided closer to departure.

Leave No Trace and safety principles


Nyati-X follows the Leave No Trace principles (LNT) and this extends to all those who join us on our adventures. We do this because it


  • Protects the environment for you and future generations 

  • Improves your experience - An unspoiled area allows for a richer and improved experience for everyone. 

  • Following the laws and rules ensures the sustainability of the resources


 - What is Chase the Dawn? 

It's a fully guided overnight trail running adventure designed and delivered by certified Adventure and Mountain Guides. We'll be journeying across Table Mountain National Park from sundown to sunrise (look forward to a hot breakfast on the beach!). 


- Can I see the route map and profile?

Absolutely - drop us a DM and we'll share it. We prefer not to have it up on the site for safety reasons.

- I see SANParks and Hi-Tec logo? What is that about?

Chase the Dawn is the only sanctioned fully guided overnight trail adventure allowed to operate on Table Mountain. Hi-Tec are our newest sponsors and will be gifting some awesome gear to every entrant (woop-woop!!)


- I'm not a pro trail runner, am I fit enough to do this?

If you can run 10km, and walk/hike 5-6 hours you are likely fit enough to do this. However, if you're worried, we can give you a personalised training plan to make sure your body is up to the challenge. You'll have to bring the mindset.


 - Will I finish, what if I can't keep up?

Unless you twist an ankle, you can finish!  This is not a race, it's an adventure... Both the running and hiking groups move only as fast as the slowest person with no pressure to go faster than you're comfortable. While this is a "challenge" - it's supposed to be fun. Having said that, there are "get off points" at the fuel stops where you can stop if you really would prefer not to continue.


- Do I have to run all the way, what about pace?

No! You can join either the more chilled of the run groups (we have 2 pace options), or your can join the walking-only Hiking group. Even the Running group will generally hike many of the the 'ups' and run the beautiful flats and downs. The Running group will aim to move at approximately 3.5km/ph - on average a fast walking pace over the entire course. 


- What equipment do I need?

You'll need trail shoes, a headlamp, hydration pack (with snacks and water), a space blanket and crepe bandage, plus a waterproof layer and emergency poncho incase the weather turns wet. We will send you a full packing list with your Briefing Doc closer to the Adventure.


- What about food and hydration during the adventure? 

For the runners and the 45km hiking group, we'll provide a midnight meal. There will be two fuel stops for everyone to grab and top-up on their favourite snacks, with a warm breakfast provided for everyone at the finish on Cosy Bay Beach.


- Is it safe to be on the mountains at night?    

We'll be accompanied by trained guides with satellite communication with emergency SOS functionality and GPS locations automatically sent the the Ground Crew at 10 minute intervals. We have a front runner who will scout ahead of the first group to ensure the trails are clear. We monitor the weather on an ongoing basis. We have mapped a route avoiding high risk areas with an emergency plan in place should conditions change. 

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