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Brandberg mountain in namibia Damaraland. Sunset sunrise fire. Travel Destination Erongo n


~ The Brandberg Traverse~

An epic desert trail running adventure


NamJam 2024 is locked and loaded! Join the Nyati-x Team on this epic trail running adventure to circumnavigate the mighty Brandberg Mountains in Namibia. This near-circular range rises up from the flat desert plains with the highest point 2,573 m above sea level with a round footprint of 650 square km. Known as the “Burning Mountain” this a significant spiritual site for the San (Bushmen) with over 50,000 documented rock paintings bearing testament to this.

This is desert adventuring at its best. Over 4 days and across 120km we trace the natural paths hewn into the surprisingly diverse landscape by herds of roaming zebra and springbok. Sandy river beds, bushy scrubland and flowing contours await. The trails on our adventure range from runnable to rocky, with the ascents and descents not requiring specialized skills or equipment. Expect soft sand! At night lie back and rest the body while soaking in the big night sky before drifting off to sleep in tents pitched on open plains.

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Day 1

  • Arrive at Windhoek  

  • Group travel to Brandberg – early evening arrival 

  • Set up camp & meal prep 

  • One night stay at Brandberg Lodge camping site  

Day 2

  • Meal prep Break camp  

  • Stage 1 - 28km single track comprising of short sharp hills, a bit of minor scrambling and river beds. Support provided along the route 

  • Overnight at wild bushcamp 

  • Joint camp set-up and meal prep

Day 3

  • Meal prep Break camp  

  • Stage 2 - 29km single track of rolling hills, river sand and rocky sections. Support provided along the route

  • Overnight at wild bush camp 

  • Joint camp set-up and meal prep

Day 4

  • Meal prep Break camp  

  • Stage 3 - 31km mix of single track, jeep track and rolling hills. Support provided along the route 

  • Overnight at wild bush camp 

  • Joint camp set-up and meal prep

Day 5

  • Meal prep Break camp  

  • Stage 4 - 32km mix of single track, jeep track and rolling hills. Support provided along the route 

  • Overnight at Brandberg Lodge camping site  

Day 6

  • Breakfast and Break camp 

  • Transfers to Windhoek

  • End of Service  

Scenic landscape of Brandberg massif in Namibia with blue sky. .jpg


  • Activities

    • ​120km of guided trail running over 4 stages – moving as a group

  • Accommodation

    • All accommodation (Tented accommodation  will be standard safari ripstop dome tents/ two pax sharing with standard safari bedroll mattresses).

    • Camp chairs and tables 

  • Meals

    • Group prepared meals from our Wilderness Cuisine Menu (plant based options available) 

    • Water and select non-alcoholic drinks 

    • All crockery and cutlery

  • Transport

    • All transport from Windhoek to Brandberg and back to Windhoek, only


  • Alcoholic beverages and any preferential personal non-alcoholic drinks

  • Domestic or international flights & VISA costs

  • Personal snacks 

  • Sleeping bag, pillow & personal towel.

  • Travel and Medical Insurance (mandatory) 

  • Transport to and from the optional activities and then subsequent transport back to Windhoek. 

  • Optional post event bolt-on activities  
    • Climbing/abseiling activities at Spitzkoppe 

    • Orienteering introduction and practical.

Minimum Number:  

A minimum of 10 people required. Please do not make travel arrangements until we notify you that the minimum numbers have been met. We will do our best to let you know at least 40 days in advance.

Route map and profile

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 13.55.18.png

This fully supported adventure includes guides, permits, all meals, accommodation and ground crew support points while on mission, with an optional personalised training program and sports nutrition advice to gear you up if needed. 

This is an Adventure - not a race! As this is a group activity the routes and run strategy will be matched to the groups fitness level. While the option to split the groups to cater for faster and slower runners does exist, a good base level of running fitness is needed to enjoy NamJam to the max!

What to pack

Running gear for four days (Spare set of trail shoes recommended) 

  • Sleeping bag, pillow and personal towel. 

  • Any special needs – medication, special nutrition and hydration requirements 

  • Hydration pack minimum 12 litre volume  

  • Hydration bladder and flasks with at least 3 litres of fluid 

  • Mobile phone/watch/GPS with loadable maps.   

  • Back up USB power device – enough to charge headlamps and watches 

  • At least 2 head torches with spare batteries 

  • First aid kit 

  • Post event clothing for days 1 and 6, plus pyjamas 

  • Packable soft kit bag   


A fully comprehensive list will be provided closer to departure.

A large elephant and her cub walk in the beautiful sunset rays of the sun.jpg
stone road to cave with bushmen rock paintings White Lady in Brandberg mountain area in Na


Namibia is dry, sparsely populated country located along the south western coastline of Africa. It is borders Angola to north, Botswana on the east, South Africa to the south and the cold Atlantic Ocean on the West.  


The stark landscape has a beauty of its own with deserts, mountains, lunar landscapes and savannas constantly changing as the light plays with the scenery.


This is Big Sky country!

points of interest

The White Lady of Brandberg rock painting and over 40,000 other San rock paintings.  


The interpretations of the “White Lady” painting are diverse and interesting, with the white figure being a shaman, to a young woman of Minoan or Cretan origin. What the original explorers failed to notice is that the figure has a penis.    


Desert elephants, zebra and springbok roam in the area 

Climate & vegetation

Seasons and weather in the desert are confusing. The seasonal weather forecast generally is 

Winter is at 6am.

Spring starts at 10am.

Summer is at noon, and Autumn around 5:30ish.

Dress in layers!

Early mornings are generally comfortable but temperatures can still reach 30 deg C with the nights being cool to cold.   

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