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We’ve experienced how immersive play in the mountains and oceans under our big Africa skies impacts positively on individuals and groups who adventure together. It builds self-belief, resilience and deep bonds in a way that only overcoming something truly challenging can. This is why at Nyati-X we're creating adventures that forge lifelong bonds and reinforce faith in ourselves and others.

So, where does our name come from?


Having suffered a heart attack on Table Mountain in 2010 and flatlining after waiting four painful hours for help, Bill - our Chief Adventurer - understands what it takes to overcome adversity and triumph in the face of challenge. Perseverance, determined strength and a fundamental shift in life perspective earned Bill his nickname - il Bufalo.


As our intrepid Leader, we thought it appropriate to name our business for his moniker: Nyati being the Shona word for Buffalo.


At the heart of what we do is the belief that we can reconnect you with your true north. Join Bill, Shirley and Team to discover what you’re made of.

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