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Whether you call it Open Water, Wild or Adventure swimming, we just love being out in the water somewhere! Combining a love for trail and running with open water adventuring is where we are happiest. 

NEW! In collaboration with Torpedo SwimRun, we now offer structured and guided Torpedo SwimRun training in support of their upcoming event on 18th November 2023.

Torpedo Swimrun Cape ©Caleb_Bjergfelt 2022 - 0799.JPG

Session 1 - Introduction and 1km swim, 1km run


Session 2 -  500m Swim, 1.5km road run, 500m swim, 500m road run.

Session 3 - 500m Swim, 2km road run, 750m swim, 1km road run. 

Session 4 - 700m Swim, 1.5km beach run, 300m swim ending with a cool off 500m beach run. 

Session 5 - 1km Swim, 1.5km beach run, 500m swim, 500m beach run

Session 6 - Technical acclimation: entry and exit practise over rocks and waves 

Nyati Cape Town swimming

Our structured and guided Torpedo SwimRun training has four key objectives to ensure participants

~ Are comfortable entering and exiting the ocean over rocks and waves

~Are comfortable swimming distances up to 1km in current (open water)

~Are comfortable transitioning between swims and runs (and back again), including getting used to swimming in shoes and running in swim gear

~Ensure that participants feel fit and strong enough to undertake the Torpedo SwimRun adventure in November 2023.

Torpedo Swimrun Cape ©Caleb_Bjergfelt 2022 - 0960.JPG

If Torpedo SwimRun isn't for you,  join us for the invigorating thrill of wild swims (without the run!).


Opt for short bay-to-bay swims or epic traverses such as the iconic Freedom Swim from Robben Island to Table Bay, False Bay jaunts along Strand and long-distance Langebaan swims.


Our swims are adapted to the individual or group ability to ensure they will always be challenging and provide a real sense of achievement at the hot chocolate fuelled finish line.

It’s all about an authentic experience and genuine connection. Be present, enjoy the water with friends and create deep, lasting memories.

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea and drink the wild air.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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