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Nyati-x Adventure Testers

Erm.. what is an Nyati-x Adventure Tester, I hear you ask?


Nyati-x Adventure Tester: [noun] A travel loving, trail running enthusiast who wants to adventure with the Nyati-x team to explore new countries, new trails, build new adventures and be part of the Nyati-x vibe tribe. This is for intrepid adventurers only - for those who enjoy the unknown and are brave enough to step onto trails that are less travelled!


Each time we expand into a new territory or region, we aim to take a small group of 4-6 Adventure Testers with us to help test run (literally!) our newest adventure offering.


The deal is simple: we ask a minimum and transparent base cost (that's right: we make zero margin), in exchange for openness, flexibility, a willingness to have plans change in the moment and the opportunity to be the first to break new routes and explore novel terrain with us. 

This model is Adventuring in the truest sense - it's rough around the edges, a little unpredictable and a trail load of fun! Check out this blog from our recent NamJam adventure test written by an amazing participant 


Our expectation is that each Tester meet the following criteria: 

- be an enthusiastic adult trail runners of any sex or age 

- be fit enough to enjoy 80-100km of trail over 4-7 days (we're going to be exploring new routes - so this isn't race pace: but we will be on our feet for a good work-out most days)

- be able to travel internationally 

- be relaxed traveler (we won’t stay in 5 star lodges, and may likely be shuffling plans mid-adventure)

- be a lekker human open to making new friends and being part of a super vibe tribe of travel-loving trail-junkies (oh, you also need to be able to put up with that guy in the middle pic ;p)


Pop us a note on the form below if you're keen to learn more ! Tell us a little about yourself - we can't wait to meet you...

Would you like to be an Nyati-Adventure Tester?

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