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NamJam ~ the Brandberg Traverse

An epic desert trail running adventure circumnavigating 120km around the Brandberg Mountain range.

  • Starts 16 Jul
  • 14 980 South African rand
  • Namibia ~ The Brandberg

Available spots

Adventure Overview

NamJam 2024 is locked and loaded! Join the Nyati-x Team on this epic trail running adventure to circumnavigate the mighty Brandberg Mountains in Namibia. This near-circular range rises up from the flat desert plains with the highest point 2,573 m above sea level with a round footprint of 650 square km. Known as the “Burning Mountain” this a significant spiritual site for the San (Bushmen) with over 50,000 documented rock paintings bearing testament to this. This is desert adventuring at its best. Over 4 days and across 120km we trace the natural paths hewn into the surprisingly diverse landscape by herds of roaming zebra and springbok. Sandy river beds, bushy scrubland and flowing contours await. The trails on our adventure range from runnable to rocky, with the ascents and descents not requiring specialized skills or equipment. Expect soft sand! At night lie back and rest the body while soaking in the big night sky before drifting off to sleep in tents pitched on open plains. This fully supported adventure includes guides, permits, all meals, accommodation and ground crew support points while on mission, with an optional personalised training program and sports nutrition advice to gear you up if needed.  This is an Adventure - not a race! As this is a group activity the routes and run strategy will be matched to the groups fitness level. While the option to split the groups to cater for faster and slower runners does exist, a good base level of running fitness is needed to enjoy NamJam to the max!

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